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Dialysis Center e
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Dialysis Center

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Gruppo I.SA.MA

Over twenty years of experience in dialysis

Since 1986 it provides advanced health services. Specializing in dialysis services, with two active centers (Sant’Egidio and Costiera Amalfitana), it is able to guarantee a high quality patient care that includes, at the Nocera Inferiore site, also the health residence service for elderly people who are not self-sufficient. Ensuring fast, efficient and high quality assistance is the mission of the I.SA.MA. which offers its patients numerous outpatient services in the fields of physiotherapy, ultrasound diagnostics and medical specialization.


  • Discover our services

    The I.SA.MA. inside it has a complete outpatient service. Patients find immediate medical assistance for any need and medical checkup they need to perform.

    Physiotherapy: kotz currents, diadynamic, electrostimulation, Frems, hydroghalal, iontophoresis, kinesi, laser, laser yag, magneto, massage, therapy, radar, motor rehabilitation, Tecar, tens, isokinetic, traction, ultrasound, Kabat facial.

    Ultrasound: hepato-biliary, hepato-bilio-splenic, hepato-bilio-splenic-pancreatic, upper abdomen, complete abdomen, bilateral renal, renal and bladder, scrotal, penile, mammary, pelvic, obstetric, infantile hip, thyroid, tendon, soft tissues, doppler renal arteries, TSA doppler, lower and upper doppler limbs, scrotal doppler, penile doppler, transplanted kidney.

    Medical Surgeries: Nephrology, Urology, Senology, Vascular Surgery, Nutrition Science, Podiatry, Endocrinology, Orthopedics, Neurology, Psychology, Cardiology, Gastroenterology, Hearing Technologies.

  • Dialysis on vacation

    For dialysis patients and their families it is very important to be able to go on holiday, sure to receive quality assistance levels even in places dedicated to leisure and relaxation.

    The dialysis center of Maiori allows patients to join a period of physical well-being even a holiday in one of the most beautiful places in the world: the Amalfi Coast.

    The coast is a balcony suspended between the cobalt blue sea and the slopes of the Lattari mountains in a succession of valleys and promontories between coves, beaches and terraces cultivated with citrus, vines and olive trees.

    Splendid sea, unattainable landscapes and excellent food. All just a few kilometers from Pompeii, Naples and Salerno.

    Among the most famous places, near Maiori (SA), there is Amalfi (SA), the town founded in the 4th century BC. which gives its name to the Costiera.

  • Directly to your home!

    The dialysis centers of Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino and Maiori offer their patients a free shuttle service. The doctors of the structure, close to personal needs as well as healthy of their patients, establish from time to time the calendar of therapies defining days and time and, above all, taking into account the problems of each patient.

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Cap. Soc 1.200.000,00€
P.IVA 03222360657
R.E.A. di Salerno n° 281804


Residenza Sanitaria Assistita
Nocera Inferiore

Via dei Sarrastri 2,
84014 Nocera Inferiore (SA)
T. +39 081 517 01 54
F. +39 081 517 98 29

Centro Dialisi Ambulatorio Polispecialistico
Sant’Egidio del Monte Albino

Via R. Falcone 14,
84010 Sant'Egidio del Monte Albino (SA)
T. +39 081 515 3030
F. +39 081 06 04 542

Centro Dialisi
Costiera Amalfitana

Via Ferriera S. Elia 1,
84010 Pucara Tramonti (SA)
T. +39 089 87 73 97